A state hospital with a Whirling Dervish figure

Throughthe Numune Hospital project, Konyacity shall reach a very important architectural work very soon. Through its architectural style in the form of ‘Whirling Dervish figure,’the Numune Hospital shall become one of the symbols of Konyacity.


Information given by Dr.Hasan Kucukkendirci, Provincial Health Director:

Full equipped patient rooms

Mr. Kucukkendircistates that thereshall be a restroom, a washbasin, a bathroom, a TV, a refrigerator and a wardrobe in each of the hospital having a capacity of 500 bedsand says‘our rooms shall be designed so that 1 or 2 patient may stay and shall have a nature and equipment to meet ant requirements of thepatients.’

A car park for 1450vehicles

Mr. Kucukkendirci emphasizes that there is a critical car park problem in the region, where the Numune Hospital, and says ‘Because our hospital, which has an area of use of 130 thousand square meters, shall also have an indoor car park for 1450 vehicles, thus such car park problem experienced in that region shall be eliminated largely.